Aircon is one of the most essential appliances which helps to keep your house or your workplace cool in the hot climatic conditions. The air conditioner, as well as the refrigerators, work more or less in the same manner, with just a small difference that the refrigerator keeps the temperature very cool but the air conditioner keeps all the entire area at a very moderate and comfortable temperature. The major thing which you need to keep in mind is to set the aircon temperature correctly. There are various types of aircon which are available of different companies, out of which some of them include:

Window Aircon


This type of air conditioner is specially prescribed as well as designed for windows, in which all the components are included like, the condenser, evaporator, compressor, which all are assembled in a single container. These types of air conditioners are earlier used only for apartments where there is a special opening which was available for these aircons.


Portable Aircon


This portable conditioner works similar to the window one, as it also consists of the expansion valve, including cooling coil, evaporator, etc. This is not a fixed aircon which is assembled in the window or wall, you can move this conditioner according to your convenience, from one place to another.

These types of Portable Aircon consists of an air hose which is associated with the window to puff away the hot air which is released during the cooling procedure. In spite of the fact that it is versatile and helpful to move to start with one place then onto the next,but it is typically noisier than the Window Aircon (as the Window Aircon has some portion of its loud segment put outside the window and is in this way ready to guide a portion of its commotion exterior of  the room).

Split Aircon


Split Air conditioner is considered as one of the most demanding air conditioners which are used in each and every house and workplace these days. This aircon consists of one internal and one external unit in which the internal one is kept inside the room which helps to take the hot air inside and blow out the cool air at the same time, the external unit is also known as the compressor, which is kept outside the room which compresses the whole air. These two units are connected with each other through pipes and help to keep the entire place cool, where it is established. There are various service agents who provide the aircon repair Singapore services, choose the best among them for yourself, who fulfills all your needs and serves you the best.

Aircon Repair Singapore
Aircon Repair Singapore


Cassette Aircon


This aircon is also known as Tape Aircon, which acts similar to the is split aircon as it is outwardly more upscale and also spares more space as it is settled on the roof which implies that the divider space is opened up for racks as well as the different apparatuses.



These are some of the types of air conditioners which are available in the market choose the best among them which fulfills all your requirements.