Dubai Freelance Visa Explained – Eligibility, Benefits, and More

Freelancers or people setting up their own businesses will find it easier to work in Dubai and the UAE now because of better work policies. Freelancers need to apply for a work permit and visa to be able to offer their services here. So, if you are planning to work as a freelancer in the education or media sector in Dubai, here are the freelance visa formalities:

What Is The Freelance Visa And Freelance Permit In Dubai?

As the name suggests, any freelancer needs to have a license from the TECOM group. One can renew the permit year after year. The Freelancer Permit is required by those who work under the visa of their parents or guardian. These people do not require by visa, but only a license.

Those who work as individual freelancers and are not under the care of a spouse or parents can apply for a Freelance Visa in Dubai. This visa is inclusive of a residency permit that allows the individual to live and work in the emirate. This visa has to be renewed every three years.

Eligibility for Freelance Permit and Freelance Visa in Dubai

To be eligible for a Dubai freelance visa, you should be willing to offer your services in the education, media, and tech departments. Although today, the eligibility criteria have greatly increased, these are the main ones. Any individual pursuing a profession in acting, journalism, advertising, education, web or tech development, and some other categories, can apply for this visa.

Benefits of a Dubai Freelance Visa

Once you acquire a Dubai freelance visa, you get the flexibility to be able to offer your services to multiple companies simultaneously. For those willing to work at their convenience and not in a regular 9 to 5 job, becoming a freelancer can be the best choice.

As a freelancer, you can offer your services at a lower price since you do not need to incur rental expenses of an office property or the expenses to set up an office. The setup costs are much lower when you work as a freelancer.

Procedure for Application

The following are the simple steps you need to take to apply for a Freelance Visa or a Freelance Permit in Dubai:

  • Apply Online for Permit

You can apply for the Permit on the authorised government site. Fill application form and submit the asked documents.

  • Get a NOC from the Sponsor/Employer

If working as a freelancer alone, you might have to give a no-objection certificate from your sponsor or employer. If working on your spouse’s or parents’ visa, you will need a NOC from them.

  • Follow up on the application

Once you have submitted your documents, it may take up to 15 days to get your permit or visa. After it is approved online, you will have to visit a business centre to personally sign the documents and pay the fees. The permit shall be sent you to via mail.

These are some technicalities to understanding the Freelance Visa and Freelance Permit for working as a freelancer in Dubai. You can get more information regarding the same on Emirabiz.

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