Maybe It’s Time That You Automated Your Assembly Line.

If you currently run a business and it involves an assembly line then you probably spend every waking day trying to come up with new ways to speed the processes along but not at the cost of quality. You are always keeping an eye on your closest competitors and what you have been noticing recently is that they have changed their manufacturing processes and they have introduced automation to their production lines. You haven’t made the move yet because you’re worried about the costs involved and it would take some downtime in order to be able to install and implement the necessary machinery.

It’s likely that your staff have been fighting the introduction of automation because they feel that their jobs may be in jeopardy but the opposite is actually true. If you are not technically minded and information technology tends to go over your head every single time then you shouldn’t worry too much because all the processes are controlled by a PLC programmable logic controller and this cuts out the need for people to interfere in the process altogether. It can be difficult changing your whole manufacturing process but it is important that you know and understand the benefits of assembly line automation.

  • Less labour-intensive – This is the part that your employees will probably object to it because of their fear of losing their jobs. From an owner’s point of view however, an automated assembly line means that less people are needed for the whole process and so this may cut the need for hiring extra employees. Another significant advantage is that your production line can work 24 hours a day if you needed to and it doesn’t get tired.
  • Faster processes – When customers increase their orders, this can be quite difficult because if you are doing everything manually and you’re using people in your production line then changes such as these cannot be made quickly. An automated production line on the other hand allows you to make changes more quickly and so the products can be built quickly which saves you both time and money.

There is also the accuracy to think about and where you lost a certain percentage of your products due to inferior lines, you will find this happening less often because you are using automation processes and as long as you input the correct requirements, then the production line will pretty much give you exactly what you want.

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