Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items as well. It is just like an online shopping website where you can create your account and can sell your preferred items. People those who want to earn money online or want to showcase their hand-made products online use Etsy. But sometimes for some reasons, most of the Etsy accounts get suspended or blocked! And the most obvious reason for getting your Etsy Account suspended is not paying your dues and selling products that are not allowed. Not only this, but there are also many other reasons for which your account can get suspended on Etsy. Anyways I can list you some of the reasons for which your account on Etsy can get suspended:


  • Using Inappropriate images


Yes, you heard it right! Well, creating an account on Etsy is easy but sometimes because of some small silly mistake can let your account get suspended. And one of the most important reasons for which your account can get blocked or suspended is because of using inappropriate images. Like if you are using images that are not relevant to your niche then there is a chance of your Etsy account suspended.


  • Images having copyrights


    Etsy Account suspended


As we all know that Etsy is an e-commerce website where you can easily sell and buy handmade and vintage items. So, if you are going to create your account on Etsy then you will have to make sure that the images or contents that you are using doesn’t contain any kind of copyright. You will have to choose images like you can use clicked images or you can also create your own images as well.


  • Listing items not appearing to be handmade


This is one of the most important and common reasons for which the accounts are suspended on Etsy. If you are selling something online then you will have to make sure that you are selling the right product. Handmade products require particular skills and knowledge of skilled work! So, if you are assuring someone to provide them with handmade products then you must stick to your words. Because if you will not sell the right product then also your account can get suspended.




So, these were some of the reasons for which an Etsy account can get suspended. Make sure to use the right contents and images so that your account will be safe. But anyways nowadays there are so many solutions available by which you can easily get back your Etsy account. Now you will not have to see your shops closed forever.