Shopping Around To Get Cheaper Supplies For Your Business

The cost of energy is going through the roof, which has many business owners worried about their companies’ futures. If you have not done so, you will want to look for ways to reduce your business’s overheads and help it save money and potentially save jobs. You can do many things to save your business money, and shopping around for the consumables you use daily is an excellent place to start. Below you can find some things you can save money on for your business to help reduce your overheads and keep your business afloat during these challenging economic times.

Swap Your Lightbulbs

An excellent way to save money for your business is by swapping your traditional lightbulbs in your office for LED ones. It will require investment, and LED lightbulbs are more expensive than traditional ones, but they last longer and use less energy, and they can save you money in the long run. LED bulbs are readily available from shops and online retailers, and you can also get Smart bulbs which allow you to change the brightness and colour, so you can turn down the lights and use less energy.

Look For Cheaper Printer Ink

When your office uses the printer a lot, the cost of the replacement ink can soon add up and become a significant expense. One way you can save money is by replacing the Markem ink you currently use with a reputable and quality compatible ink which is often significantly cheaper than the OEM products. You will also need to ensure that you replace the inks when you need to print, rather than to change them and not using the printer, as the inks dry out and evaporate. Doing this will help the inks to last longer and reduce how much money you spend on buying replacements.

Choose Alternative Stationery Supplies

Most offices will use a steady supply of stationery, which can include many things, such as:

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Paperclips
  • Staples
  • Paper
  • Notepads

You can save your business a considerable amount of money over a year by looking for alternatives to the products you buy. Instead of going with expensive well-known brands, you can look for cheaper options that are just as good. You must ensure that the products you purchase are of decent quality and will last as long as the branded ones, but there are plenty of alternatives available if you look hard enough.

Use Multiple Suppliers

Many companies fall into the habit of using the same supplier for as many products they need to buy as possible. Although this makes things easier for you, you will often find that these suppliers do not have the cheapest products available. Make a shopping list of all the supplies you regularly purchase, and then look for the most inexpensive options online. You will need to factor in delivery charges, but many companies offer free delivery with orders of a certain value. Shopping for the items you need can save your business money, and when you combine various money-saving techniques for your business, the savings can add up to be substantial.

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