Running a business is never easy. Everything needs to be accounted for. All the decisions that you make have to be calculated. When looking for a forklift for sale Toronto, you need to assess your requirements. To do that, you need to figure out the use of the forklift and the space where it would be used. When deciding on a forklift, you need to find one that is extremely reliable. Choosing the right one can boost productivity and bring down costs and downtime. It can also prevent the forklift from breaking down. Often business owners are reluctant about buying a forklift because one that is only a few months old kept breaking down. Hence, it is essential to choose the right one from the different shapes and sizes of forklift available. Following are the available forklift models.


When looking for a forklift that provides great accessibility, you should consider Teletrucks. It is a speciality machine that offers the best accessibility as compared to other types of forklifts.

Reach Trucks

Sometimes the forklifts have to reach great heights to get the load. When it needs to reach heights above 10 meters, reach trucks would be a great option. It is perfect for warehouse use. It makes use of low undercarriage and stabilizing legs. This type of forklift doesn’t make use of the counterbalance.

Counterbalance Trucks

The forklift which has the fork in front is the Counterbalance truck. It is the most common type of lift truck. With a counterbalance, the operator can drive right up to the load to lift it up.

Three Wheel Counterbalance truck

The three wheel counterbalance truck is similar to the standard counterbalance. There is one significant difference between the two. It is the number of wheels. As the name suggests, the three wheel counterbalance truck has three wheels. It has two wheels in the front and one in the back. Such a placement helps the forklift. Allowing it to be manoeuvred easily even when the warehouse has tight spaces. Three wheel counterbalance truck can easily be used in warehouses that have tight spaces.


A standard counterbalance truck has a forklift in the front. The side loader has forks on the side. The placement of the forks helps to pick up long loads with stability and ease. It is better to use a side loader that long loads like lumber because the load loses stability when the load is long.

Head to Modern forklift

If you are confused about which type of forklift would be best for your business, head to Modern Forklift. Their experts will help evaluate your needs. Knowledge about the loads, industry and warehouse will help them to guide you to make an informed decision. When you purchase a forklift from them, you can be sure about it being reliable. They provide all-around solutions when you purchase and rent from them. Whether you have any questions or are simply confused, they will help you find the answers.

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