3 common concerns businesses have with storing corrugated cardboard boxes

Manufacturing and distribution businesses are supposed to be well stocked with storage options like corrugated cardboard boxes if they are to serve their customers as needed. After purchasing corrugated cardboard boxes in bulk, you must proceed to get the right boxes distributor and inventory storage of boxes plan for them as they await shipping or use. Finding the right management system is the hack to having an easy time serving your customers and cutting down costs on irrelevant storage costs. In many ways, corrugated cardboard boxes are the most used option around the globe. In order to maintain their usefulness, you must exercise caution when handling them. This can easily be achieved by following the concerns discussed below on how you handle your corrugated cardboard boxes today.


 Cardboard boxes are just made from improved quality of paper but the raw material is still paper. This means that any exposure to increased heat or fire could light them up and cause you losses you had not fathomed before. As a business, a good inventory management system can help you record and track products but not safeguard them against flames. This is the reason proper storage is needed for your packaging as even excessive light can easily lead to the discoloration of the corrugated cardboard boxes.


Water is an enemy to the quality of corrugated cardboard boxes as you already know. Water and paper made materials do not go well and the principle should remain so even in the storage area that you choose. Find out how humid the storage space is and try to establish the right protection hacks to use for protecting your boxes against humid conditions and moisture mostly. Your best storage location should be cool and dry to allow for long lasting of the corrugated cardboard boxes you use for packaging.


In case you did not know, many bugs and other types of insects fancy the comfortable design of corrugated cardboard boxes. This is why you will find numerous warehouses and business requiring the services of pest and insects extermination from time to time. You can also choose to prevent insects’ infestation into your corrugated cardboard boxes by keeping them clean and also ensuring there are no organic materials near them. This is an ideal strategy to prevent your boxes from being damaged or destroyed by bugs before they even leave the storage or warehousing area for the customers.

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