5 Career Choices for the Technically-minded Person

If you are on the final stretch of your formal education and would call yourself a techie, this article will be of some interest to you. This is a great time to be coming into the workplace, as AI and The Internet of Things are emerging and here are a few fields that would make for a challenging career.

  1. Robotics – This is the future and automation is already well underway in many industries; you could be involved with design, R&D or the installation and management of robotic systems. AI merges well with automation and we’re only a few years from driverless cars and taxi drones and the manufacturing sector has embraced robotics.
  2. White Glove Logistics – The tech logistics sector is one of the fastest growing at present, as an entire new generation of touch-screen digital devices replace analogue mechanical systems; as a white glove technician, you would specialize in one area, it might be working with ATMs, installing digital signage or handling & installing MRI and CT scanners in hospitals. This is a learn-intensive sector and you would spend time at a facility learning all about new equipment in order to gain that essential OEM certification.
  3. SEO – Search engine optimization is going to be around for many years and a good SEO technician can command a high salary. You could broaden your horizon to include other aspects of digital marketing, such as social media marketing and Google Ads. Of course, marketing should be a major and studying at a Basis International School would give you a great IT foundation, which you would need.
  4. Artificial Intelligence – Machine learning is an exciting field to be in, and is most definitely the future of modern societies. If you understand the concept of using computer memory much like the neurons in the brain, then you have a grasp on the basics of machine learning and its compatibility with decentralized autonomous networks (DAOs). Computer science should be your strong point and obviously, a great handle on math.
  5. Aviation – There are so many opportunities in the aviation industry and you can expect to see drones more and more, which would make for a challenging and rewarding career and if flying grabs your attention, go for it! Noy everyone makes it as a commercial airline captain, yet there are technical demands in other areas of this changing industry.

The best advice we can give is to follow your interests and apply yourself in the learning stages and you should enjoy a long and very rewarding career doing something you love.

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